Business Processing at Scale

transformAI is an emerging leader in intelligent automation with an exclusive focus on consulting, implementing, scaling, and providing ongoing support for Automation Anywhere (AA) technology. transformAI helps enterprises solve complex business problems by using state-of-the-art automation solutions, cognitive capabilities, machine learning models, and service orchestration with core technology from AA to manage and scale business processes faster.

transformAI is an Automation Anywhere Platinum Partner and has been selected as an HFS Research Hot Vendor 2020

We Leverage The World’s Most Sophisticated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions

Business Processing at Scale

Optimize and prioritize your digital and human workforce to meet the most dynamic service level agreement (SLA) demands.


Connect legacy systems, automate repetitive tasks, and tap into disparate data sources to gain more insight about your financial services customers.


Enables organizations to access data across disparate systems and automate repetitive manual tasks so employees can focus on developing innovative insurance products, accelerating claim handling, and improving fraud detection.


Healthcare organizations—both payers and providers—are focused on improving health, lowering cost, and providing better access to care for patients.


Augmenting capacity by working alongside human professionals to assist them with repetitive tasks while leaving the ultimate decision making to them.


While living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) manufacturers can evolve production processes and business functions to improve operations, increase profitability, and provide labor relief.


Cognitive automation for RPA means having bots that learn from people how to handle unstructured and unclear data so processes can be automated from end-to-end. Meet IQ Bot.

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