Workday’s investment in Automation Anywhere – why you should care?

Workday’s investment in Automation Anywhere – why you should care?

You have probably seen the announcement last week about Workday Venture’s investment in Automation Anywhere. (See Announcement)

Why should you care? There are at least couple of reasons:

Workday has been an innovative ERP provider, that over the last decade really took over the HCM (Human Capital Management systems) space by storm.  They have heavily penetrated the market across verticals and industry segments.  Net/net, they know what they are doing, and they know what their customers, both new and existing, want.

AutomationAnywhere continues to prove itself as the leading Robotic Process Automationplatform, growing by leaps and bounds, and getting the support of theinvestment community (to the tune of over a half a billion dollars).  They know what they are doing too.

Are you seeing a pattern here?  The Workday – Automation Anywherecombination, including of particular note their shared vision of the creationof Digital Workers* (think of bots maturing from utility tasks to have full endto end processing roles) will provide their clients with accelerated and provenassets to deploy into their portfolio quickly, with minimal integrationcomplexities during implementation.

Pretty exciting to be at the nexus of these development,working with both Automation Anywhere and Workday in the execution of thisvision.  We are fastening our seatsbelts!

* if you are looking for more on Digital Workers, check outsome of our previous blogs, and continue to watch this space.  More is coming on the topic.