IQ Bot – Making AI accessible to Millions Globally – transformAI Perspective

IQ Bot – Making AI accessible to Millions Globally – transformAI Perspective

We’re back… We just returned from Automation Anywhere’sImagine conference two weeks ago in New York. transformAI participated in the breakout session on “IQ Bot – Making AI Accessible to millions globally”.  The subject of this breakout was on Automation Anywhere’s fastest growing product -IQ Bot.  IQ Bot along with AutomationAnywhere’s enterprise RPA product is a powerful tool that allows for the extraction and processing of semi-structured data.  This tool is designed to for easy use by the business users that process these documents. Key points discussed during the breakout session:

a.     Keys to success, begin with a cross section of documents that need to be processed, combined with RPA to ensure optimal Straight Through Processing “STP”;

b.    Tool is continually being upgraded, to improve document recognition along with additional templates so plan to leverage this increased intelligence to ensure high STP;

c.    User expectations are growing as a result of increased functionality, with a natural progression as transformation agendas climb the value chain;

d.    The AA platform is growing in response to market feedback. As one of the leading implementors of IQ Bot, transformAI has seen AA implement enhancements in direct response to our feedback; and

e.     The ecosystem is maturing quickly, with customers and partners along with AA moving beyond the typical early adopter stages both with regard to market dynamics and deployment strategies. The pace is quickening. With one of the largest IQ Bot implementations now in production, transformAI is an example of a leader in this space.

IQ Bot is a real-life example of this technology getting smarter by the minute…make sure to take full advantage of that.