Extending Workday functionality with Automation Anywhere

Extending Workday functionality with Automation Anywhere

Workday has been and continues to be one of the fastest growing Human Resource, and Finance & Accounting platforms, with literally hundreds of deployments going on at any one time, and thousands of instances currently operating successfully around the world.  It has proven itself as a powerful ERP with extensive work flow automation build into the product.

That being said, it can’t be all things to all people, and for unique or bespoke requirements, historically it may have required some manual processing outside of Workday to meet the business need. The good news is with the availability of Robotic Process Automation platforms, like Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise product, extending Workday functionality just got a lot easier.

While there are myriad use cases out there, the similarities are they involve extracting, transforming and/or loading data from or to an external source or system, to permit processing within Workday. Examples can include semi-structured data such as getting applicant data from submitted resumes for the Human Capital Management module, or maybe capturing transactional data from vendor invoicing to upload to the FinanceModule.  Data is extracted, in this case, not from a system but a document and then transferred into Workday.  Obviously, the benefits include speed and accuracy, but also reduces the business processing cost as well.  This is particularly true when you have peaks such as seasonal hiring, or piles of accounts payable to process at a month-end.

Through the use of Automation Anywhere’s Task bots capability, coupled with its IQ Bot product, these business processes can be significantly enhanced.  “Bots” can read the data from the source, and complete the processing into Workday seamlessly.  And they’ll capture problematic items and create an exception queue for further human processing.  Structured properly, these Bots can learn from the exceptions to increase the processing throughput.

The bots are pretty good at leveraging the Workday capabilities as well.  Bots can work through the User Interfaces you have configured, or use the Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB), and can even be developed to leverage the large number of Application Programming Interfaces(API’s) Workday has available.  While requiring more sophistication in the coding, the Bots are more reliable and productive using API’s.

Then finally, the additional good news is that a growing number of Workday specific “Digital Workers” and bots are available at Automation Anywhere’s Botstore for download.   These are pre-configured automations to bolt into your environment. If you haven’t been there yet…take a look BotStore.   And if you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to ping digitalworkers@transformai.com and we’ll be happy to help you.