Robotic Process Automation – Without Really Trying

Robotic Process Automation – Without Really Trying

Who has been here before? You have too much to do, and under pressure to reduce cost while improving performance – a paradox or an opportunity? Then you hear about Robotic Process Automation and how it can both improve performance while reducing costs. How do you seize that opportunity to solve your paradox?

Actually, you don’t have to try that hard.  You could build up a team of RPA developers, and train a bunch of people in the platforms, set up the infrastructure, drive the change management…wait a minute, that all sounds hard.  And it can be, but there is an alternative. Firstly, important to understand what RPA is.  Simply put, it is the “final mile” of automation where data is extracted, transformed and loaded for further processing.  So, this can be a way to quickly integrate legacy applications where integrations in the past proved

Now to get after this, the easy way, is to do what you do when you have a need niche for a specialist skill – you buy it.  transformAI offers services that include: (a) determining where good automation opportunities are in your environment; (b) developing robots with industrial-strength resiliency (i.e. to the same standard as any other application in your portfolio); and (c) the ongoing monitoring and operations support to keep the robots working, in what is likely your ever-changing environment.  You buy this as a service and while you will have complete transparency to your suite of bots, you can get as deep (…or not) as you want or need to.  Auditors will be impressed by the increased control structures with things like Automation Anywhere’s Credential Vault to ensure that automated access into systems is tightly controlled.

When your robot portfolio grows to the point it is no longer “niche”, then you can consider repatriating the services back if you think there is a business case to do so.  The truth is generally clients find that as their robotic portfolio scales, the ROI on this outsourced model actually continues to improve.  But the choice is yours.

So, it doesn’t have to hard – look at innovative RPA-as-a-Service models from people like transformAI ( to keep it simple, and profitable for you.  So, stop trying too hard, and take the easy path on this one.